Desdemona (pilesofyogurt) wrote,

Becoming an insider

In just over a month i will be leaving for my internship at Olympic National Park in Washington State. During my stay there i will be posing as a park ranger at the visitor center, giving information at the front desk, issuing back country permits, and hopefully developing some "educational" programs that i can present to the multitude of guests who flock to the park during the rainiest season of the year. They are providing me with an efficiency apartment in which to dwell during my stay, and i am told that it might even have a cup and perhaps a plate that i will be able to take my meals upon. If not, they have directed me to several thrift stores in town. Obviously they are not aware of the vast wealth i am in possession of, which i plan on spending on three unpaid months of 40hr. work weeks.

I am not complaining. I am merely commenting on the irony of the situation. For the past year and a half since graduating from college i have been the assistant manager of a pizza shop and making much less than i am worth. Now that i have finally broken into the field in which i want to work, the industry in which i can use the skills and knowledge that i gained in college on the way to my degree, i am taking a $8.38 per hour pay cut, bringing my wages down from $9 per hour to $.62 per hour. (I get a $100 per month stipend). READ: SIXTY TWO CENTS PER HOUR. I understand that i will be getting valuable experience, and also that i will be in the place where i have always wanted to live.


And on that note, there is another part of irony. Port Angeles, the town in which i will be living, is the very same Port Angeles of summer 2003, the same town where one Ted Mallison and one Cortney Freeman tried to move for the summer and couldn't find even a pizza shop job to support themselves. I have applied for a million jobs and internships, and even volunteer positions, but the only one who was ever actively interested in me and even made an effort to get me was at Olympic.

So to recap, the two ironies that exist are:

1) Going down in pay to work at a job in the field of my college degree
2) Being recruited by the place where i tried desperately to get a job right after graduating college

I'm pretty excited.
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