Desdemona (pilesofyogurt) wrote,

Here's one for the books

Saturday night I was alone at Zeppe's. It was about midnight, and the one driver had just left on two deliveries, meaning that he wouldn't be back for a while. I heard the door open, and went up to the front counter to help the very normal looking 40-something couple who had just walked in. Both ordered pizza slices, and then moved aside as a large group of people came through the door. There was some confusion at first as people were coming in the door and trying to decide what they wanted, but ultimately they all decided on slices. I turned around and started to walk back into the kitchen to retrieve the pizza, and as i came around the edge of the wall i saw two figures out of the corner of my eye, standing in the kitchen by the oven. Naturally i gasped and jumped back, as i knew i had been alone in the store except for the customers in the lobby. The two figures apparently heard me gasp, because they turned to look at me. The 40-something man exclaimed, "hi!" in a very its-ok-to-be-in-the-kitchen-of-a-restaurant kind of way. THEY WERE STANDING IN THE KITCHEN EATING THEIR PIZZA.

So i said the only reasonable thing to say in that situation which was, "Um... this is the kitchen."

To which the man replied, "I know!"

And then they got pissy with me because i told them that they couldn't eat their pizza there.

At this point he actually thought it was ok to ask, "how about if we just stand over here?" By "over here" he meant "further into the kitchen."


After i got them back out into the lobby, they proceeded to stand there for another 20 minutes, because they were not embarrassed in the least about what they had just done.

I don't understand how this could happen.
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