Desdemona (pilesofyogurt) wrote,

Cookies and Candy all about (but not here)

In recent news, i have obtained a new ZEPPE'S BANDANNA. This is a very cool addition to my already kickin' Zeppe's wardrobe.

Tonight I attended one of those parties that a friend invites you to come along to, but it turns out that there is barely anyone there and your presence sticks out like a sore thumb. The girl's mom was actually in attendance. I still can't seem to get used to these Latin American customs. Deborah tells me that in Venezuela it is rude to say "no" to anything offered to you. It is for this reason that i am totally full up on Tuna Fish Dip.

Hopefully i will write a full entry in here soon. Writing in here just makes me realize how much i want to write in my real journal.
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