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I am trying to fix my job situation. That means that i have to finish my one resume and write another, more general one. The first one is written directly for this camp for troubled teens where i want to work. The other has to be much more general and much more aimed at an anthropology job. It seems that i may be accompayning some kent roosevelt high school students on some outdoors trips this fall through spring. Apparently their outdoors club is always desperate for adult chaperons, which is perfect because i need resume builders if i expect to get hired at a camp. I also enjoy camping, so it's perfect.

All of this talk of jobs has come about due to a serious slash in my hours downtown at the pizza business. No guarantee of hours on top of shitty pay and no benefits, not even to mention that they're cutting the day shift entirely, has led me to decide that i am definitely moving on. Also, with the cut in hours i have realized that i have no chance of getting the management experience that i wanted. Besides that, I AM SICK TO DEATH OF MAKING THE PIZZA.

Since i have the next two days off, i plan on making a serious job search. If anyone in the area knows of good jobs that are hiring, please let me know. Chris said that perhaps i can get into the stage hands' guild. Or the metroparks with dirty old men.
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