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He asked for it

I've been trying to come up with extra ways to make money so that i don't have to resort to selling plasma. Ted and i actually went to the plasma place sometime last month, but were deterred by the six hour wait. I haven't been back since, even though i told myself that i would do it the next week. So i just received a call from one Steve C. (not caynon) concerning a research study in which i will be participating next monday. For this feat i will be paid $15. So far so good. The problem is that i had to lie and say that i am still a student. Now the poor broke girl in me says "yes!" with all her heart at making this lie, while the scientist in me yells back, "no! you will mess up the results!"

This is why i think that the methodology in anthropology beats both sociology and psychology. The anthropological ethnography is based on months (if not years) of participant-observation, during which time the researcher is lied to plenty, but is often able, due to the length of time of the study, to sort the lies from the truth. Both psychology and sociology make large use of the survey, a method which not only begs lies, but also mis-truths. People don't even want to admit their problems and bad habits to themselves, let alone some researcher about whose work they couldn't care less.

All of a sudden i don't feel so bad.

In rock paper scissors, ethnology beats all three.
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